Can FitoSpray really make you use weight

Coming from Russia, FitoSpray is a new diet spray that is supposed to make you avoid hunger. All you have to do is spray it under your tongue whenever you feel the need to eat and the hunger will simply go away.

This is a process that you need to repeat every day and the result should be a healthy loss of weight, visible after a few months. This diet supplement can be ordered via a Russian diet supplement website and this diet spray is created to suppress your hunger or rather reduce it.

The result of using this diet spray is to make you eat less, naturally. This product is developed with a single intention and that is to show a way how you can fight obesity. There’s an alarming number of individuals, fighting obesity every day and this problem is not to be taken lightly at all. FitoSpray is supposed to help you eliminate hunger and supply your body with energy while restoring the much needed vitality. Shipping of this product is available across Russia and Europe. One question remains though.

Does this diet supplement really makes you lose weight as it says it does? To properly answer this question, first, we need to see how this product works. Just like many other trendy diet products, this one also uses a mixture of herb and fruit extracts, very popular combination today that is found in the most of the products of the same or similar type.

The magical ingredients

This means the active ingredients in the spray are lemon acid, acai and mango extract, garcinia and green tea or coffee. Green coffee extract is one of the most popular ingredients when it comes to diet supplements. It’s believed that it works by delivering a high dose of chlorogenic acid into your body and bloodstream. This is supposed to give an energy boost to your metabolism while reducing free radicals and improving the strength of your immune system. Or, at least,  this is what the creators behind FitoSpray say.

Citric acid helps with digestion and accelerates the detox process of your entire body. This means that it basically helps the excretion of toxic substances. On the other hand, the garcinia extract is also commonly known in the world as a weigh loss miracle. It is supposed to make you lose weight instantly.