The Greatest Expert Financial Advice

If you are a business owner, especially when you are just starting up your business, you need to have either some previous financial experience or have an expert help you deal with your finances. The reason for this is quite simple, if you don’t have either of these two things, then you will most likely have to deal with some type of financial issue which will end up costing you a lot of money. People who don’t have experience in working with finances have a really hard time dealing with them the first time because they don’t really know what is the next step they need to take and that leads to some financial issues.

The majority of problems occur when they need to take care of the issue because in most cases people always do the wrong thing and that leads to more issues which you definitely don’t want to deal with. So, if you want to stay out of trouble and play everything safely, then the only smart option that you have as a new business owner is to hire a professional. If you are still not convinced that you need a professional, then here are some more benefits that you will have from hiring one.

Saving Money

As a business owner, you always have the goal to earn as much money as you possibly can and to do all the right things in order to save as much money as you can. Well, saving money is not easy if you don’t know where to invest it. Investing money into a professional financial advisor, for example, is one of the smartest decisions that you can make because it will greatly benefit you and your business. Of course, you will need to invest some money into hiring him, but it will be worth it. Furthermore, if you need extra money for this investment, you can start using the HBSwiss trading software.

Soon as you hire a professional financial advisor, your financial state will become much safer because he will give you professional advice on how to take care of your money. If you really listen to his advice and follow the instructions, you will be able to save up a lot of money that would otherwise go to waste. The money you are able to save, you can later on use to invest into your own company to further grow.

2014 NextBillion Case Writing Competition!

The Winners!

Along with our partners, Citi Foundation and NextBillion, GlobaLens is proud to present the 2014 NextBillion Case Writing Competition Winners.

The NextBillion writing competition is dedicated to identifying, publishing, and rewarding the writers behind the most instructive real-world business cases of social entrepreneurship and market-based methods across a multitude of sectors.


Business Thought & Action: Course
by Robert J. Dolan
The course Business Thought & Action™ is a robust introduction to business for undergraduate students. It is a holistic start to their business education experience and provides context for business as a whole, rather than each functional area, such as marketing, finance, and operations. Students learn about the broad range of problems and opportunities that businesses face and are exposed to the skills necessary to face them.
Base-of-the-Pyramid Module
by Ted London
The Base-of-the-Pyramid (BoP) refers to the billions of people who live on less than $3,000 per year in the informal economy of the developing world. This poverty creates an urgent societal need and presents a vast potential opportunity for business growth. Intelligent, informed management can address both aspects successfully. This module delivers effective teaching of management strategies for creating sustainable and scalable business ventures that also alleviate poverty.
GoodBelly Epilogue (Video)
by Hyun-Soo Ahn
Click on the Preview PDF icon at right to view the free video. 2011 Ross MBA Caroline Dickerson shares her research experience from her internship at GoodBelly. Caroline was tasked with identifying the impact of their in-store demo program using regression analysis.
REI Rentals
by Damian Beil
Kirk Myers, REI’s Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), twirled his pen around his thumb and forefinger. Staring out the window toward misty Mt. Rainier, Myers thought hard, recalling a conference call with his boss, CSR Director Kevin Hagen, and Retail Operations Manager Teresa Mueller several weeks before. At the end of the conversation, Myers was tasked with an assignment outside his usual realm of responsibility—find a way to optimize the rental program across REI retail locations to maximiz
A123 Systems Powering a Sustainable Future
by Andrew Hoffman
A123 Systems successfully went to market with new technologies that had the potential to revolutionize both the energy storage and electric battery industries. After opening the largest hybrid vehicle battery manufacturing facility in North America, CEO David Vieau needs to evaluate the road forward. Should he try to gain a foothold in established commercial battery markets or pursue the company’s current mission of being the top supplier for grid storage and hybrid vehicles?
Growing Pains of the Tata Nano
by Scott A. Moore
Ratan Tata, CEO of Tata Motors, wants to introduce the world’s cheapest car, priced at $2,500, for the common Indian – the car is the Tata Nano and has been accordingly dubbed the “People’s Car”. But the introduction of the Nano has been ridden with difficulties. Coupled with poor sales and a recent crisis where several Nanos caught on fire, the Tata Nano has seen
Blueprint for Ford’s Future
by Andrew Hoffman
Ford’s Social Sustainability Manager, David Berdish, faces the challenge of positioning Ford on the forefront of the global transportation industry while leveraging Ford’s leadership in the automotive industry. This case takes a holistic look at the global transportation industry with emphasis on emerging markets and their increasingly congested transportation systems. Students must decide how to balance market positioning and long-term vision with near-term strategy to better serve the next generation.
Zingerman’s: New Business Development
by Wayne Baker
How do businesses grow? One company that has not followed a traditional route is Zingerman’s Community of Businesses. Zingerman’s co-founders wanted not only to have business growth but also to give their employees new opportunities. They created their own unique vision and philosophy that drives their business development strategy and process, leading them to create a
M.S. Krishnan
Accenture Professor of Computer & Information Systems; Faculty Director India Initiatives
University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business
Dr. M. S. Krishnan (“Krishnan”) is the Accenture Professor of Computer Information Systems and Professor of Technology and Operations at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan. He is also the Faculty Director for India Initiatives at the Ross School of Business. He has co-authored the book “The New Age of Innovation: Driving Co-Created Value with Global Networks” with Professor C. K. Prahalad (late). The Economist and BusinessWeek magazine named this book as one of the Best Books on Innovation in 2008. Dr. Krishnan received his degrees in Mathematics and Computer Applications from the University of Delhi, India and Ph.D. in Information Systems from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA. He was awarded the ICIS Best Dissertation Prize for his Doctoral Thesis on “Cost and Quality Considerations in Software Product Management”. His research interests include Business Innovation, Corporate IT Strategy, Business Value of IT investments, Metrics and Measures for Business Process and Software Quality, Productivity and Customer satisfaction. In January 2000, American Society for Quality (ASQ) selected him as one of the 21 voices of quality for the twenty first century. In 2004, he was selected as one of the top thinkers on Business Technology by Informationweek-Optimze magazines based on their reader surveys. His research articles and writings have appeared in several journals including Management Science, Information Systems Research, Management Information Systems Quarterly, Strategic Management Journal, IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, IEEE Software, Decision Support Systems, Harvard Business Review, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Information Week, Sloan Management Review, Optimize and Communications of the ACM. His article “The role of team factors in software cost and quality” was awarded the 1999 ANBAR Electronic Citation of Excellence. Dr. Krishnan has consulted with Ford Motor Company, NCR, IBM, Nestle, ICICI, TVS Group, NBC, Next Services, Infosys, Techvoyant, Goorulearning and Ramco Systems. He also serves on the board of advisors of companies.
Strategies for Sustainable Development Course
by Andrew Hoffman
The Strategies for Sustainable Development course is comprised of seven teaching modules that prepare the student to address the most critical issues at the intersection of business and sustainability. Together they address several facets of the competitive aspects of the corporate response to sustainability.


Entrepreneurship: New Venture Creation Course
by James D. Price
This course is a practical guide to starting a new business. From the initial business idea to the launch, students are introduced to the realities of entrepreneurship and the misconceptions surrounding it. The course includes useful models, frameworks, practical advice, and guidelines that provide students with a solid foundation to launch their own businesses while understanding…