QProfit a hoax or a money making machine

Released on August 11th in 2017, the QProfit system is an automated trading robot. It is just how people call this old software on the Internet but, all the creators did, was adding a new sales pitch video, changing some old images and refreshing the website. The truth is, it is the exact same software like Fintech Ltd and HB Swiss and if you compare it, you can see the similarities and determine whether it is the same thing.

It is all about finding the solution for trading binary options. Hence, this binary auto trader was created. It is a very basic software with no special features and it is very simple for using. If you decide to give it a go, you will be playing a role of an investor. You have only one option that you can actually control and have influence over. That feature is the size of the trade you want to get into.

Poor risk management

It is basically running on blind faith that the choice you have made is the right one and it will earn you some money. You are literally expected to close your eyes, do the trade and sit back and hope for the best. That is how it works. There are four given options how much money you can invest. You can only select 25, 50, 100 and 150 dollars. Many brokers offer 10 dollars as the minimum size of the trade.

The common thing that most investors do is opening their accounts with 250 or 500 dollars. When you risk 10% of what you have in total on just one trade, you can safely say that is a very poor risk management and that is how most investors lose all their money. That is exactly why this automated trading robot exists in the first place, to rob people off their money.

However, there are no signs or results or any proof of evidence that this system is either good or bad. It is all legit so people do everything on their own risk and willingly. Of course, they were promised that they could win if they invest, which is a bit of slightly inverting the truth but, no one is forcing them to do anything. It entirely depends on investor how much money they will put and invest in the end.