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Safe Water for the Base of the Pyramid
by Paul Mudde

Product Type: Case Publication Date: 04/2013 Product ID#: 1-429-332 Length: 24pages
Core Disciplines: Base of the Pyramid; Emerging and Developing Economies; Entrepreneurship & Innovation; Social Enterprise (Social Entrepreneurship); Sustainability
TEACHING NOTE: Available to Registered Educators. Please login to view it.
DESCRIPTION: This case won Second Place in the 2013 NextBillion Case Writing Competition. Triple Quest, a joint venture between a manufacturer and a private investment company, is experimenting with different business models to distribute its proprietary Hydraid water filtration system. This case discusses the worldwide water crisis and the organizations involved in addressing it.
Understand the scope of the global water crisis and how it impacts the lives and health of people in the BoP.
Appreciate the challenges of addressing global poverty and health issues. Evaluate these challenges at macro, global, country, and micro-enterprise levels.
Evaluate business models, including for-profit and non-profit, to market and distribute products in the BoP, and develop an understanding of how government and non-governmental organizations (NGO) can support entrepreneurial ventures.
Craft solutions to the challenges facing Triple Quest in its efforts to develop the Hydraid business unit by synthesizing elements of Hydraid’s previous business models, those of competitors, and those of NGOs.
Secondary Tags: Business and Society; Innovation
Sales Rank: #181