How to Maximize Quality of Your Business

Every business owner knows that the goal of having a business is to gain profit at the end of the month. Well, in some cases people fail to do that and the reason why they fail is that they don’t have a quality business. They have poorly designed their business, they haven’t put enough time and effort into it, they were rushing the process and that cost them a lot. We will help you out by giving you expert tips on how to maximize the quality of your business using some really simple solutions. The first solution that you have to use is the Orion Code which is an online software made for increasing profit.

Invest in Equipment

The easiest way you can maximize the overall quality of your business is to increase the quality of your products. You can simply achieve that just by increasing the quality of the equipment that you use to make the product. Investing into the equipment is always a wise decision because it will greatly benefit you and your business at the same time. Also, more importantly, your customers will be happier with the higher quality product that you are providing for them.

Banking for the Bottom of the Pyramid in Indonesia
by R. Ryan Nelson, Carl P. Zeithaml, Gardner Bell

Product Type: Case Publication Date: 04/2013 Product ID#: 1-429-330 Length: 20pages
Core Disciplines: Base of the Pyramid; Emerging and Developing Economies; Entrepreneurship & Innovation; Social Enterprise (Social Entrepreneurship); Strategy & Management
TEACHING NOTE: Available to Registered Educators. Please login to view it.
DESCRIPTION: First Place Winner – 2013 NextBillion Case Writing Competition. BTPN is a mid-size bank in Indonesia with a successful business model that also creates positive social change (following its mission to “Do Good and Do Well”). The Bank’s president, Jerry Ng, is faced with the dilemma of how to grow the business: Whether or not BTPN should expand its micro-lending to include the productive poor in the Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP)? The decision should be based on a comprehensive understanding of BTPN’s environment, business model, strategy, and systems; while considering the feasibility of execution.
After discussing this case, students will be able to:
Describe the social, political, and market dynamics of a developing economy (Indonesia).
Evaluate BTPN’s current strategy, business model, SWOT analysis, and competitive position.
Assess BTPN’s current systems — operations, process management, technology, human resource management, and data management.
Decide how BTPN should grow by evaluating new markets (BOP), new products, and/or new systems.
Develop executable recommendations tied to BTPN’s business model and competitive strategy.