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Blueprint for Ford’s Future:
From Personal Automobiles to Mobility
by Andrew Hoffman

Product Type: Case Publication Date: 02/2013 Product ID#: 1-429-303 Length: 16pages
Core Disciplines: Emerging and Developing Economies; Emerging Markets; International Business; Leadership/Organizational Behavior; Multinational Enterprises (MNEs); North America; Strategy & Management; Sustainability
TEACHING NOTE: Available to Registered Educators. Please login to view it.
DESCRIPTION: Ford Motor Company’s Social Sustainability Manager, David Berdish, faces the challenge of positioning Ford on the forefront of the new global transportation industry in a sustainable way while leveraging Ford’s leadership in the automotive industry. This case takes a holistic look at the global transportation industry but places emphasis on megacities in bustling emerging markets and their increasingly congested transportation systems. With the company’s strategic mobility initiative in place and Ford’s Blueprint for Mobility launched as of February 2012, the question of resource and technology allocation and strategic positioning among traditional and new (car-sharing, traffic data management) competitors becomes critical to success. Students must decide how to balance innovation, market positioning, and long-term vision with near-term strategy to better serve the next generation of customers on multiple levels – access, community, and environmental.
After completing this case analysis and discussion, students will be able to do the following:
Understand how Ford Motor Company’s history as an innovator ties into its current transition into the new mobility market and the role of corporate leadership in that transition.
Describe the key aspects of the new mobility market, including Ford’s initiatives and its competition.
Evaluate a company’s long-term vision and market positioning strategy like Ford’s “Blueprint for Mobility.”
Understand how companies assess business opportunities and risks in emerging markets.