How to Become Rich

A very simple question such as how to become rich, but with an answer that can be extremely complicated and time-consuming. Well, today that might change for you because we have a method that will give you the chance to become rich very fast without wasting a lot of your time or energy. Usually, people who are rich are people who have worked their entire life to achieve a certain goal in life and they have been blessed to do it.

Today, we will share a very valuable information with you that you should take very seriously because something like this is not presented to you every day. A unique opportunity will be presented to you, and it is completely up to you what you want to do with it. Most people who have discovered this method have taken the smart route and used out the opportunity,

Effective Software

The solution or the answer to the question how to become rich is Orion Code, a free software that is available for everyone to use. There is no catch with this software, the key is to start using it as soon as possible. This software is specially designed by professionals to give people the chance to become rich over few months. With this software, it will not take you few years just to get rich, just a few months and a good money management will get you rich without any problem. The key thing is to combine this solution with good money management methods because otherwise, you will have a hard time saving up money, you need to know how to use the money smartly and invest it.

Business Idea

If you decide that you don’t want to use the previous solution, or you want to know more ways that you can make yourself rich, then a good business idea might be the next step that you need. Of course, with a business idea, you need to have enough money already just to start up that business and make that idea come to life.  that’s why you should first do the previous solution to gather enough money and then invest in a business idea. Also, a business idea has to be a quality one, otherwise you will end up losing all the invested money and time, so make sure that you are definitely sure about your idea.

NextBillion 2011 Case Writing Competition Winners:
Case Studies in Social Enterprise and BoP
by Scott A. Moore, Ross Baird, Carol Gee, Peter Roberts, Philip Powell, Jacob Hiatt, Matthew Hutchens, Rocio Ortiz, Paul Clyde, Shilpa Gulati, Gopal Pai, Y. David Seo, Alice Zheng, Lauren Foukes, Gautam Kaul, Daniel Fogel, Michael Nestor

Product Type: Module Publication Date: 05/2011 Product ID#: 1-429-180 Length: 93pages
Core Disciplines: Base of the Pyramid; Emerging and Developing Economies; Emerging Markets; Non-Profit/Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs); Social Enterprise (Social Entrepreneurship)
TEACHING NOTE: Available to Registered Educators. Please login to view it.
DESCRIPTION: Winners of an academic business case competition co-sponsored by the William Davidson Institute, Acumen Fund, and Ashoka, these cases deal with social enterprise and base of the pyramid issues. This collection includes the following: 1st Place: Village Capital: Using Peer Support to Accelerate Impact Investing 2nd Place: The South Pacific Business Development Foundation: Fighting Poverty in Fiji 3rd Place: Catch a Falling STAR: Sustainable Financing for a BoP Hospital 4th Place: Good Capital and the Emergence of the Social Capital Market 5th Place: Habitat for Humanity: Implementing a Global Strategy Locally
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