How to Recognize a Financial Scam

No matter what you are doing, you always want to find new ways you can earn more money. Even the people who are rich are never satisfied with what they have, they always want to have more. Finding a solution that will allow you to increase the profit that you are making is not easy, especially nowadays because you have a lot of fake solutions on the internet that are essentially a scam designed just to take your money. The biggest problem with these scams is that they are not easily recognized, they are really nicely disguised, and they fit just right into everything else. You even have some testimonials from fake people who talk about how they gained a lot of money using that particular solution. We have decided to help you out by educating you how to easily recognize a financial scam.


The only thing that can give you a nice look into what you are really getting into is a professional review of the software or solution that you want to start using. Of course, finding these reviews is also not that easy because there are a lot of fake ones. Most likely you have seen before the HBSwiss scam on the internet, well we have some news for you. This trading software is actually not a scam at all. In fact, it is the most advanced trading robot that we have ever seen. The real reason why people are calling it fake is that they don’t want other people to know about this solution. They are afraid that if everyone starts using it they will lose money. Of course, that is also not true, no matter how many people are using the software, everyone will make a lot of profit.

So, when you are watching some review, make sure that you are getting the information from a website that has a lot of visitors and it is popular. If you find a review on some random site that has nothing to do with financial advice, then you are most likely in the wrong place.

Huge Deposit

Another huge giveaway of a financial scam is that they will want you to make a huge deposit of few thousands of dollars. If you ever see some software wanting that amount of money from you, then you can be sure that they are a scam because not one real software will need that amount of money.


SMART: Global Urban Mobility Solutions
by Nigel Melville

Product Type: Case Publication Date: 12/2010 Product ID#: 1-428-964 Length: 27pages
Core Disciplines: Business Information Technology; Entrepreneurship; Environmental Sustainability; Public-private partnerships; Social Enterprise & Entrepreneurship
DESCRIPTION: SMART works to develop more efficient, environmentally and socially sustainable transportation systems in cities around the world. Its key approach is the Integrated Hub Network – a network that accesses several transportation modes in one place, while utilizing real-time transportation updates and information kiosks. Students help director Sue Zielinski pitch the Los Angeles project to an investment firm, taking into account the project’s advantages, disadvantages, and ability to address global urban mobility issues.
After discussing this case study, students will be able to:
Empathize with the frustration and pain felt by urban residents using transportation in cities around the world
Assess the business opportunities for SMART’s Integrated Mobility Hub, which offers a more efficient and environmentally and socially sustainable transportation system
Make a pitch for SMART’s Los Angeles Hub project to an investment firm