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Better Place:
Charging into the Future?

by Andrew Hoffman

Description: With partnerships and developments in nations across the globe, Better Place seemed poised to succeed in the burgeoning electric vehicle market. Yet Better Place’s proposition relied on a revolutionary shift in the automobile industry. Would the company witness the widespread adoption of electric vehicles in the near future, or would competing technologies, environmental regulation, financial considerations, or other players in the electric vehicle market thwart Shai Agassi’s plans?

Teaching Points: After discussing this case study, students will be able to:
describe the electric vehicle market,
. assess teh business model of a Better Place in the market,
describe the impact each of these factors has on the success of Better Place: competing technologies, environmental regulation, financial considerations, and other players in the electric vehicle market.

Key Topics:
• Business and Society
• Consumer Products
• Developed Markets / Advanced Economies
• Energy and Utilities
• Entrepreneurship
• Environmental Sustainability
• International Business
• Multinational Enterprises (MNEs)
• Public-private partnerships
• Social Enterprise & Entrepreneurship
• Strategic Management

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