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Note on Applying Design Thinking to Your Social Venture:

by Moses Lee

Description: Today, most innovative and high-impact social ventures operating at the base of the economic pyramid (BoP) are applying the principles of design thinking to better develop and deliver their solutions. The concept of design thinking involves immersing oneself into communities to better understand the habits and lifestyles of the people and iterating on ideas and solutions to get them right. This approach to problem solving is helping many social ventures excel and deliver long-lasting impact. This note will help unpack the design thinking process so that you will be able to apply it to your social venture and make the real impact you are looking for.

Teaching Points: After discussing this case study, students will be able to:
describe appropriate business terms and principles approriate to this case,
apply critical concepts from earlier learning to define a solution to the case,
successfully articulate data and information in support of the solution proposed,
critically analyze and discuss other responses and solutions to the case,
draw lessons from the case analysis,
generalize the learnings of this case to other business challenges and decisions in organizations other than the one analyzed in this case study,
demonstrate leadership and scholarship in analysis.


Key Topics:
• Base of the Pyramid (BoP)
• Consumer Products
• Entrepreneurship
• Innovation
• Social Enterprise & Entrepreneurship

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