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Vodafone Egypt and the Arab Spring:
When Government and Business Collide
by Andrew Hoffman

Product Type: Case Publication Date: 02/2015 Product ID#: 1-429-417 Length: 12pages
Core Disciplines: Communications; Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); Digital Technology; Ethics; International Business; Internet Technology; MENA (Middle East North Africa); Public-Private Partnerships; Social Impact; Sustainability

TEACHING NOTE: Available to Registered Educators. Please login to view it.
DESCRIPTION: This case centers around Vodafone Egypt and its role in the political instability of Egypt in 2011. The then-president of Egypt asked telecommunication providers to terminate operations to help mitigate the abilities of citizens to rally rapport with the global media and organize local demonstrations. The core dilemma surrounds the idea of how much influence corporations should have on public policy and what a corporation’s role is in relation to politics and/or the government, specifically in areas with political instability and conflict.
Identify how corporate strategy intersects with human rights
Explain the interconnected relationship among social media, corporations, and politics.
Describe the role of corporate social responsibility in a politically unstable setting
Identify complications that impact the bottom line and business strategy of a multinational corporation operating in crisis situation.
Secondary Tags: Business and Society; Corruption; Crisis Management; Government & Policy; Law; Media
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