True or Fake – Bitcoin Code review

Many people do not know and they do not even bother to know that most of the automated trading binary options robots are just an online fraud, designed to take their money. Well, it is the same with Bitcoin Code. The good thing is, it has been around for a very short period and it will be soon taken down, when enough people notice that it’s nothing but a scam they lose their money to.

Unfortunately, there are already way too many victims to this scam system, that have already been scammed. To avoid this from happening in the future, here is Bitcoin Code review why this is a proven fraud and a hoax.

The Bitcoin website starts filling your mind, from the moment you enter, that it is possible to get rich over the night if you just put a bit of faith in the system and start trading. They use fake testimonials of fabricated persons who supposedly got rich already and all they did, was investing in a Bitcoin Code system.

Offshore unlicensed brokers

Now, the important thing to pay attention to is the design of this website. More or less, all these websites look practically the same. You can even find the same testimonials, given by the same persons under different names. Of course, there are other features here, designed to lure you in.

For example, a free membership for new members who are just waiting to get rich and all they have to do is click a few times, invest some money, a small amount of cash, and there they have it. Just like that, the trade is successful and they are richer than they ever were.

This was invented to lure people in and then simply rob them, that is the whole deal here. The deal with such websites is that these do not last for long. As soon as people figure out that it is a scam, the creators simply shut down one website and then just move their software to a new online location. From there, everything is exactly the same.

These websites are usually full of misinformation and fake photos of people who supposedly got rich where in fact, those people have nothing to do with binary trading at all. Before you do anything revolving around binary trading, check that the website is actually the original one.